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“God has strange ways to accomplish something, His timing, His purpose and the people He chooses to accomplish something is beyond human comprehension!”



Hey dog parents, 

Why are you so proud of your dog?

Share your dog story to WIN…

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We are proud of our Puli no matter what.

Family of Mark Zuckerberg is celebrating ‘ProudOfMyDog-Day’ to dispel notion that PROUD is meant to be used only for humans.



World’s most notorious dog braggers are PROUD of their dogs as people!

Puli Cards: Birthday, Thank You, Holidays & More

Mark Zuckerberg’, ‘Jeff Bezos’, ‘Chan Zuckerberg’, ‘Kim Kardashian’, ‘Justin Bieber’, ‘Kanye West’, ‘OPRAH’, ‘Patrick Mahomes’ , ‘Selena Gomez’, ‘Lady GaGa’ –  ‘Paris Hilton’ –  ‘Miley Cyrus’ –  ‘Mariah Carey’ – ‘Neymar’ – ‘Lionel Messi’ –  ‘LeBron James’ –  ‘Virat Kohli’ – ‘David Beckham’ – ‘James Rodrigues’ –  ‘Dwayne Johnson’ –  ‘Grant Gustin’ – ‘Ian Somerhalder ’ –  ‘Lauren Conrad’ – ‘Carrie Underwood’ –  ‘Sarah Hyland’ – ‘Victoria Justice’ –  ‘Julianne Hough’ – ‘Zooey Deschanel’ – ‘Emmy Rossum’ –  ‘Lucy Hale’ –  ‘Ashley Tisdale’ – ‘Kellan Lutz’ – ‘NiKKi Reed’ – and beyond.

  • I’m so proud of my Puli because my Puli laughs like humans. Max Zuckerberg
  • I’m so proud of my Puli because my Puli only hates humans, not me. August Zuckerberg
  • I’m proud of my Puli because my Puli always gives me unconditional love.  Mark Zuckerberg
  • I’m so proud of my Puli because my Puli is generous with affection, loving at all times, tolerant of my errors, forgiving of my screw-ups. Dr. Chan Zuckerberg
  • I’m so proud of my  Poodle because my poodle doesn’t date and she is lonely like me. 
  • I’m so proud of my  Bulldog because my bulldog teaches me how to treat a dog as people. 
  • I’m so proud of my Golden Retriever because my Retriever is nicer than most of my human friends.



“PROUD OF MY DOG – Marathon” is to dignify dogs as people! Historically, dog parents were always PROUD of their dogs in their hearts but were reluctant to be PROUD of their dogs in public because of the notion that PROUD is meant to be used only for humans.

Dogs are finally being dignified as people because dogs are an integral part of human family system. Over the years, dogs have evolved from being a strange and wonderful distraction to an integral part of families all over the world. As human populations have grown, so too have dog populations, and with so many dogs on the planet it’s fascinating to see just how this population is dispersed world-wide.

Dog parents are planning to celebrate “PROUD OF MY DOG-DAY” on social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok and beyond to dignify dogs as people in a much more meaningful way.


Dogs have hijacked human bonding system!




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