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“God has strange ways to accomplish something, His timing, His purpose and the people He chooses to accomplish something is beyond human comprehension!”

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PROUD OF MY DOG is a global movement to dignify dogs as people!

 Dog lovers be able to express their dog pride in public in a much more meaningful way led to the birth of “PROUD OF MY DOG” in 2013. PROUD OF MY DOG was presented to the world in Sept. 2020 as a movement to dignify dogs as people.

Significance of “PROUD OF MY DOG”

 Historically, dog parents always expressed LOVE for their dogs but were reluctant to be PROUD of their dogs in public because of the notion that “PROUD” was meant to be used only for humans. Dog parents are finally PROUD of their dogs in public, not ashamed. 

  • PROUD OF MY DOG is the ultimate love for dogs! 
  • PROUD OF MY DOG is a unique message of indefinite lifespan because dog parents will always be PROUD of their dogs.
  • PROUD OF MY DOG is a Movement to start a new era of dog bragging in a much more meaningful way. 
  • PROUD OF MY DOG is a Movement to help dog parents be able to express their dog pride in public.   
  • PROUD OF MY DOG is a Movement to help dog parents develop much stronger emotional bond with their dog children.   
  • Most importantly, PROUD OF MY DOG reversed the centuries-old perception that “PROUD” is meant to be used ONLY for humans. 

 – The bond between man and dog has been one that has lasted for thousands of years; however, we very rarely ask why. Why do we call dogs man’s best friend?’ Why are we so inclined to treat our dogs like our kids?

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend” for good reason. … However, it’s one thing to lavish treats on our dogs or let them sleep in bed with us. It’s quite another to treat them as if they’re a different species than what they really are, expecting them to think and act the way humans do.

God made dogs for us to have as companions and helpers, and for the immeasurable pleasure and happiness they give us. Perhaps it’s a stretch to think that dogs were also meant to teach us about God’s love. With all that dogs mean to us, is that too much to consider?

Obviously, there is something very human about dogs. Is there something very Godlike about us? It seems to me like something God would do.

Dogs Offer Human Security

 Dogs provide a sense of security for human companions. Trained watchdogs can provide a high degree of security, while even small house dogs can offer a sense of protection by alerting their owners to approaching strangers or unusual circumstances in the home. Dogs employed by government agencies and police organizations sniff out contraband in places likes airports and large public venues to ensure public security. According to a Texas A&M website, dogs utilized specifically for security purposes require a specialized degree of training to be safe and effective for their handlers.

Dog’s Provide Companionship

Dogs provide companionship and company. They can be a comfort to people who crave unconditional interaction with another living being. According to Vanderbilt University, dogs can decrease levels of human loneliness and give humans a sense of purpose as they care for their animal companions. This can be especially beneficial for people who live alone, don’t socialize much, are empty-nesters or recently experienced a major change of life, such as the loss of a close human companion to death or divorce.

Dogs Reduce Stress

Dogs can help reduce stress levels in human beings and are often used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices. Playing with a dog, exercising, walking or running can help human beings reduce stress levels and increase their health and well-being. Studies by Harvard University and Kansas State show dog interaction with humans can help combat challenges associated with some form of heart disease and autism.



Dogs have hijacked human bonding system!

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